Satellite Imagery

The following images are from -
www.sat.dundee.ac.uk with their captions.

"Aircraft Contrails"

"South Sandwich Island Cloud Wakes"

"Gravity Waves Ripple over Marine Stratocumulus Clouds"-
(yeah and I got some ocean front land...)

"Von Karman cloud formations"

"Mountain waves"

"Square cloud"

"Hole Punch Clouds in Acadiana"

"Contrails Over the Midwest"

"Clouds Streets"

"Aircraft condensation trails"

"Clouds over the Black Sea"



"A cloud’s (chemtrail's) optical thickness determines how much sunlight reaches the Earth’s surface and how much is reflected or absorbed by the clouds (chemtrails), factors that influence global temperatures. The size of cloud (chemtrail) particles is important, too. In general, smaller particles produce brighter, more reflective clouds(chemtrails), which bounce light from the sun back into space and cool the planet (aerosol operations- aka CHEMTRAILS). If that sounds like a good way to combat global warming,"-
Responsible NASA Official: Dr. Michael D. King


A Satellite Image of Chemtrails Over the USA- www.infowars.com


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