New Map Feature Email Sent June 12, 2007


Hello folks!

We hope everyone's summer is going well and mostly chemtrail-free. One can hope.

We are writing to tell you that we have added a new feature to our website at www.chemtrails911.com.

We have added a world map that allows chemtrail watchers and activists to put themselves on it. We invite you to sign-up. It is like a guestbook and you can remain anonymous by signing-up with a pseudonym if you wish. You can put yourself on the map to show everyone that your area is getting sprayed and that you are aware of it.

We have added this feature for a few reasons. We often get emails from people who write to us and tell us that they feel so alone and feel like they are the only ones in their areas that know about chemtrails. We hope and feel that this feature may help to unite the chemtrail observers of the world. It can be used as a tool to find other people in your area that care about the chemtrail issue and allow people to connect with each other to form groups and to take action.

It is also a good tool to show the world that there are so many of us that are paying attention to the skies and that we want the spraying to stop.

When you sign-up, it will give you an option to add a photo of yourself. But we thought, instead of a portrait, it would be great if you upload a picture of the chemtrails in your own area.

We hope you will sign-up and have fun with this new feature. Let's show the world how many of us there are. Let's show that we're aware, we're not alone, and we want these aerosol crimes to stop! Feel free to spread the word about this new feature on Chemtrails911.com

Look Up! Wake Up! Speak Out!








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