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Hats off to Paul Moyer and NBC4 news!!!

Paul Moyer's Toxic Sky part 2
a report on chemtrails. An NBC4 (Los Angeles) investigative
report on Nov 16, 2006. (source)

Paul Moyer featured chemtrails in an NBC4 (Los Angeles) investigative
report called "Toxic Sky" on May 23, 2006. (down load & watch)
We are very pleasantly surprised and very pleased with the objectiveness
of the coverage.
(actual transcript) (source)
Way to go Mr. Moyer!! Thank you!

Increased illness linked to mystery powder
"More mountain patients reporting sickness since yellow dust appeared"
This article was featured in Paul Moyer's "Toxic Sky" report
. (source)


Bioterrorism Test Scheduled Over Central Oklahoma
"...test pilots will use crop-dusting equipment to disseminate materials..."
Read more on this...


Planes to keep Russian jubilee dry - (CNN)
"On orders from President Vladimir Putin, 10 planes equipped with
chemical charges will try to keep Russia's second city dry...
Read more on this...


News Archive from Chemtrail Central
Chemtrails found in the news from a variety of
mainstream television and newspaper sources.


Pentagon: Chem, bio tests involved U.S. troops - (CNN)
"Altogether, there were 103 tests scheduled between 1960 and 1970, but so far
the Pentagon has only confirmed 12 took place. Three of the tests used live
nerve agents, one used a live biological agent...
This article talks of "Project SHAD" but CNN fails to show the severity of these
experiments and the severe effects that they had on our soldiers.
Read more on this... 1, 2, 3

Using Americans and the general public as guinea pigs is nothing new. It has
happened for years and continues to this day. Here is a partial list of experiments
conducted on humans, using taxpayer money.


Spray Tankers Tracked By Radar
Great article by investigative journalist William Thomas


Tape Seems to Confirm Chemtrails A Military Operation
Chemtrails exposed in Canada


The government’s top-secret efforts to control Mother Nature

This is a revealing article by Bob Fitrakis and Fritz Chess. Please note the first paragraph
in which it states that there were many reported sightings of chemtrails in the skies
immediately after September 11, 2001 when virtually all civilian aircraft was grounded.
That means there were no "contrails" in the skies and that these were in fact "chemtrails"
being laid by non-commercial aircraft.

The absence of actual contrails was even used as an opportunity to study how well a
"chemtrail" disperses in the sky, as shown in this report by NASA and other groups
conducting the studies. Of course, they called them "contrails" instead of using the word
"chemtrails", yet we know there were no actual contrails to be studied at the time (unless you
count the jet that was allowed to go to several different locations in the U.S., at the request of the Bush
administration, and pick up members of the Bin Laden family and escort them out of the country before they
could be questioned
- but that's a whole other scary issue in itself).

There is something we must realize. The government will never ever use the word "chemtrails" in any of their studies, reports, or experiments. Plain and simple. They will NEVER EVER use the word "chemtrails" unless trying to debunk the whole concept. They will always call chemtrails "contrails" and even tell us so in the Summary of a patent filed by the United States. Read the full text at Rense.com and please note the following statement in the Summary: "the term 'contrail' was adopted for convenience in identifying the visible powder trail of this invention".
They admit that they use the word "contrail" to describe "powder trails" left by jets
even if the trail isn't actually a condensation trail by definition.


Chemtrails Are Back
Another very informative article, which talks of chemtrails in the sky during the no-fly period after September 11, 2001. It also has comments from scientists involved in sky-spray related projects and includes the governments desire, ability, and practice of controlling the weather.


Strategies Against Climate Change
An excellent article by Wayne Hall in which geoengineering is discussed
with the secrecy and popularity (or lack thereof) that surrounds it.


Chemtrails outlaw

This is a commentary by Bob Fitrakis talking about Congressman Dennis
attempt to put an end to chemtrail activity through legislation.


The Methodic Demise of Natural Earth

A comprehensive "environmental impact overview"
of chemtrails by Dr. R. Michael Castle - edited 2007


HAARP, Chemtrails, and New War Technologies
An informative article by Carol Sterritt


The chemistry of the modern sky

An informative commentary by by Nicholas Jones


Chemtrail Update With Will Thomas

This is a transcript of Will Thomas' appearance on the Jeff Rense Program, June 5,
2003. They talk about chemtrails and mention how Congressman Dennis Kucinich
has publicly stated that "Chemtrails are real" while visiting Santa Cruz, CA. Do an
Edit/Find search on the page and type in "Dennis" to read about this nationally
known Presidential candidate uttering these three words of powerful truth.


Chemtrails: Delivery System For Dept. of Defense's Toxic Cocktails
"To ignore chemtrails is to pretend that the DOD would never
test its chemical and biological weapons on unsuspecting people.


 "County crews Friday were to spray some Fontana neighborhoods..."
"State health officials declared 'epidemic conditions' in San Bernardino
County, where eight cases of West Nile virus have been confirmed this month"
Hmmm... They have about 2 million people in that county. How do 8 cases make
an "epidemic condition"? Epidemic = widespread outbreak, affecting proportionally
large numbers of people. I wonder why they altered the old defination of "epidemic".
"Santa Cruz County Mosquito and Vector Control will [also] release biological
The Santa Cruz Sentinel goes on to report that "most effected with the
virus will not become ill"
Oh but wait, we'll just continue to spray, Spray, SPRAY!
As NBC news reports, "The spray, commercially known as Scourge, is safe for
humans at low levels but at higher levels can cause symptoms ranging from
headaches and nausea to convulsions and unconsciousness"
as if they can
systematically spray without clumping. And exactly what is considered a "low level"
for me or a "low level" for your child. "Scourge" is more of a problem than the
mosquitoes since "most effected with the virus will not become ill".
Watsonville, CA gets sprayed again on May 19, 2004.

Read 10 Top Lies About West Nile Virus!


Giant Space Shield Plan To Save Planet
"Hundreds of thousands of tonnes of metallic 'scatterers' would be ejected into the upper atmosphere under the plans. ...Similar solutions include the release of massive nets of ultra-fine metal mesh into the upper atmosphere by aircraft to prevent the Sun's rays from reaching Earth." They're preparing us for what is already in progress and are telling us it's for our own good. Yes, global warming is a huge problem, but there are many simple solutions that they are ignoring because of the simple fact that it will cut into their profit margin. Friends of the Earth climate campaigner Roger Higman sums it up well when he says, "Climate change is the biggest environmental threat the world faces. It is important for scientists to explore imaginative ways to tackle its impacts, but technical fixes must not be used as an excuse for failing to reduce the growing levels of greenhouse gases." This link shows just how industry profits are much more important to those in power than the state of our planet or the health of its occupants.


Pollution Drying Up Rainfall

"New satellite data shows tiny airborne particles
are changing rainfall patterns around the world"


BBC NEWS Reports Wednesday, July 14, 2004
"China rain-making creates a storm"

"...a method called cloud seeding, in which chemicals are shot at clouds..."


Now with the fears of a hurricane running wild they now want to try to
"divert a hurricane by placing a biological film over warm water"


"Artificial rain to help clean Beijing after dust storm"
Chicago Sun -Times April 19, 2006 BY JOE MCDONALD


"While weather modification is a big business in the US...."
Praveen Bose / Bangalore April 11, 2006

The Connection Magazine once again proves they have the
courage to print the news you really need to know.

April 2006 Issue download issue
page 16 & 17


"A top scientist gave a speech to the Texas Academy of Science last month
in which he advocated the need to exterminate 90% of the population through
the airborne ebola virus."
-Paul Joseph Watson & Alex Jones/Prison Planet.com | April 3 2006

"The US wants to take control of the Earth’s electromagnetic spectrum, allowing
US war planners to dominate mobile phones, PDAs, the web, radio, TV and
other forms of modern communication. That could see entire countries denied
access to telecommunications at the flick of a switch by America. "
Scotland Herald / Neil Mackay | April 3 2006



"Seeding -- which injects chemicals [into the sky]"___backupcopy
-TUCSON, Ariz. (AP)


Pentagon eyeing weapons in space Budget seeks millions to test new technologies
"...a small space vehicle that could disperse weapons while traveling at 20 times the speed of sound"
-By Bryan Bender, Globe Staff ___backup copy


Brave New Skies: Is the Government trying to control the weather?? ___backupcopy

'Aviation Sector Major Contributor to Air Pollution'
-The Herald

By: Devvy NewsWithViews.com ___backupcopy

"The radars will be used for weather prediction and modification systems."
-The Hindu News Update Service ___backupcopy

Last week’s “airborne flare” occurred when a specially equipped
aircraft released a small amount of silver iodide into a cloud
-By CANDY MOULTON Star-Tribune correspondent - backupcopy

" Dr Deon Terblanche of the SA Weather Service have won first
prize in a special international weather modification
award for their innovative cloud-seeding project"
-SouthAfrica.info reporter ---- backup copy


Spies in the Skies Researchers are developing tiny,
airborne devices that can look and listen as they float
-By Peter Kupfer SF Chronicle Staff Writer ----backupcopy

"Chemtrail Climate Change To Eradicate Useless Eaters"
-Hazel McKinlay/Prison Planet.com | February 22 2006

My strongest reason for opposing this bill is the small committee that
would be making weather modification decisions without the valuable input
from many scientific fields as well as the public.
-Skyepony's WunderBlog
@ wunderground.com

Dr Deon Terblanche from the South African Weather Service and a team
of three other scientists last night scooped the World Meteorological Organisation
(WMO)'s first prize for their scientific research on climate modification.
-by AllAfrica Global Media Clive Ndou Cape Town


Environment Minister Marthinus van Schalkwyk....
said the country spent more than R4-billion a year on respiratory health
problems linked to foul air.
-By Dominique Herman and Sapa , Independent Online

"Research scientist Tom Keenan says weather modification is a
technology that has been fraught with problems"
-ABC News Online

The radars will be used for weather prediction and modification systems.
-Hyderabad, Web India 123

"Top NASA Scientist Says He's Being Silenced ..."
- ABC News

CMA’s meteorological service system consists of weather forecasting,
climate prediction, weather modification"

-Vizrt Ltd. 1/30/2006 8:09:24 am backup

$8.8 million Cloud seeding project involves using planes and ground-based
generators to spray plumes of silver iodide particles into sky

-By RUFFIN PREVOST Gazette Wyoming Bureau 1/31/06


"The seven-state plan, described as a framework, also calls for augmenting
the river's flow using technologies such as ...weather modification"

-Shaun McKinnon The Arizona Republic Jan. 31, 2006 06:51 PM


"A five-year, $8.8 million pilot project to examine whether seeding clouds with
silver iodide produces a measurable increase in snowfall over Wyoming mountains
begins this month. " -newswise.com

"Beware Of Chattanooga Chemtrails"
-posted January 24, 2006 www.chattanoogan.com


When students in Linda Bryson's fifth-grade class at Laurelton-Pardee
Intermediate School study the weather for NASA this is what they are learning:
"When a jet plane flies by, it leaves a misty cloud in its path,"
said Devin Sullivan, 11. "A contrail is a big long strip of cloud."

"Man-Made Katrina" ---back up
-by Doug Yurchey

Public input sought on cloud-seeding study
Medicine Bow officials plan to accept comment until mid-February 2006
-By Associated Press (source)

Love this spin 'Chemtrails/contrails are good'.
"It turns out that particle-type air pollution -- of which planes make...
has artificially reduced the impact of global warming"
-USA Today-By Angela Gunn- source


"Watch the Skies" By Morgan Spencer source


"1974 message text talks of using weather modification as a weapon of war "
-Free Press International April 26, 2006


"Contrails do dim the sun, but they also trap heat in, so that offsets.
And scientists who study contrails think the warming effect is stronger."
Capital Newspapers- Anita Weier April 21, 2006
Who is really the major contributor of global warming?


"During the first phase of the JET effort, Raytheon
whose connection to HAARP-alaska runs deep] was one of two companies
awarded a contract to deliver a candidate weather weapon system"
Blackanthem Military News, -source


"NASA launches climate satellites"
-By Irene Klotz Fri Apr 28 2006


"Climate Control, Beijing-Style"
By Melinda Liu Newsweek International (source) June 6, 2006


"The 100 billion dollar missile stopper in Alaska and the HAARP system in Alaska,
designed to study and eventually control the weather against our enemies."
by Linda Zoblotsky, peacejournalism.com 2006 (source)


"...chemtrails and weather modification by the military (see HAARP),
and other critical issues are deliberately avoided"

Tibor S. Friedman Online Journal (source)


Thai "King to get rain patents" Bangkok Post (source) June 12, 2006

"Scientific-based cloud seeding took off after World War II "
-The Hutchinson News(source) June 12, 2006

"Congress should authorize up to $100 million over three years for
hurricane-modification research, including Dyn-O-Mat's plan"

-By DEROY MURDOCK Scripps Howard News 01-JUN-06 (source) June 12, 2006

"China Lake also developed the Sidewinder missile and expanded into more
diverse fields such as weather-modification and satellite-delivery systems."

- May 3, 2006 The Daily Independent (source)June 12, 2006

"Particles are dropped or fired into clouds in an effort to change levels of
By Finlo Rohrer BBC News Magazine (source) June 12, 2006

"a 2003 National Research Council report concluded that there’s no proof
that weather modification efforts are effective
" -Vail Daily (source) June 12, 2006

"China moves to enslave Mother Nature"- 5th May 2006 (source) June 12, 2006


China's 37,000 full and part-time rainmakers uses about 30 aircraft, 4,000
rocket launchers and more than 7,000 artillery to dump chemicals into the sky.
June 16 2006 Financial Times (source)June 20, 2006


Chemtrails/ "Persistant Contrails" are causing global warming.
At certain altitudes, aircraft produce contrails...These contrails have an effect on the climate. Because they are clouds, they trap heat that is emitted by the Earth's surface, creating a "greenhouse effect" that adds to global warming. (source)June 20, 2006


"Rains worry local emergency officials"
By Matt Pacenza, Times Union
(source) June 28, 2006

Heavy Rains Trigger State of Emergency in North East.
Its amazing how they can tell where it will flood even before the rain starts.
June 28, 2006


What an evil trio Spirit AeroSystems, BAE (HAARP) and Clear Channel.


Colorado Water Conservation Board, which recently renewed Smith’s weather modification permit for the next year to fire off sound waves that supposedly
stop the nasty ice pellets
. By DEEDEE CORRELL THE GAZETTE, June 15, 2006 (source)

"Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered 10 cloud-seeding planes into the air, to
induce rain" Even though the National Research Council concluding that "there still
is no convincing scientific proof of the efficacy of intentional weather
modification efforts."
Alex Hutchinson, CanWest News Service (source)


Peter Cordani has one of the boldest: airdrop 400 tons of superabsorbent
powder into an approaching hurricane... “We know it would suck the moisture out,”
he said. “The only thing we don’t know about is the (impact on a) hurricane and
the after effects.”
(well gee, lets try it anyways- duh) By JAMES JANEGA / Chicago Tribune
Thursday, Jul 06, 2006


U.S. Air Force Linked to Electronic Warfare Attack in Tennessee
By Alfred Webre, EcoNews Service (Vancouver, BC) (source)
July 27, 2006


"...National Aeronautical and Space Administration (NASA), weather
scientist Ross Hoffman argues that technologies including targeted satellites
could change the course of hurricanes enough to save [and destroy] lives"

-September 18, 2005 The Sun-Herald

"Last May, a family in Iowa contacted the office of Sen. Tom Harkin (D-IA) to report the constant criss-crossing of "chemtrails" in the sky above their neighborhood.
They received back from the senator's office a General Accounting Office (GAO)
report on "military chaff" and the material safety data sheet for aluminum-coated
fiberglass fibers being spread-seven days a week for several hours each day-in
the skies above their home.
-The Idaho Observer (source)


"U.S. Satellite Protection Scheme Could Affect Global Communications"
-Science Daily August 14, 2006 (source)

"How Earth-Scale Engineering Can Save the Planet" Popular Science
September 13, 2006

"Extreme Global Warming Fix Proposed: Fill the Skies With Sulfur"
Kate Ravilious for National Geographic News August 4, 2006 (source)

"China to test its 'artificial sun'"- NewsTrack - Science (source)

Weather Modification by Carbon Dust Absorption of Solar Energy (pdf)
Journal of Applied Meteorology: Vol. 15, No. 4, pp. 355–386. 1974
(source)September 13, 2006

"EPA Misled Public on 9/11 Pollution,
White House ordered false assurances on air quality"

by Laurie Garrett Common Dreams (source)September 14, 2006
What else would they lie about?

"The commission's request has forced Aquiess principal David Miles to put all
`weather modification activities' on standby while he focuses on gathering the necessary documentation, supporting files and archived materials."
"Senior department climate-risk researchers have slammed the company
for promoting its rain-boosting resonance technology ."

-Jessica Harris Friday, 15 September 2006 Wimmera news in Canada (source)September 20, 2006


"South Africa's award-winning rainfall enhancement program
may soon be back on track"
-engineeringnews.co.za Published: 2006/09/29 (source)Sept 2006


NASA Awards $16M Liquid Nitrogen Contact (source)
What are they going to do with all that liquid nitrogen?
Liquid Nitrogen has long been used for weather modification attenpts.Sept 2006


Geoengineering Vision-Application for Space Solar Power
"Geoengineering is defined as the use of technology to interact with the global environment. A Solar Power Satellite represents a capability for considering geoengineering concepts. The Thunderstorm Solar Power Satellite (TSPS) is a concept for interacting with thunderstorms to prevent formation of tornadoes."
(source)Sept 2006


(source) Sept 2006


Garry Voss writes on Z Enegery October 2006

"Non-energy strategies, such as forest and soil carbon sequestration, mitigation and geo-engineering. “We have current technologies that can do all this,” said Greenblatt.
Ropin' the Wind, By BRODIE FARQUHAR Star-Tribune (source)
November 10 , 2006


Man May Have To Dirty Skies To Shield Against Warming
"This weekend, NASA's Ames Research Center in Moffett Field, Calif., hosts a
closed-door, high-level workshop on the global haze proposal and other “geoengineering” ideas for fending off climate change.
By AP Correspondent, Charles Hanley November 17, 2006 (source)

Weird Science Getting New Respect
"Some scientists suggest turning the earth's blue skies a yellowish grey by
injecting sulphur dioxide into the atmosphere with a vast fleet of planes."
"Another idea being seriously debated among scientists is to send a fleet of
ships into the world's oceans to sow the waves with iron particles. "

By BILL BLAKEMORE for ABC News November 17, 2006 (source)


Nov 17-19, 2006 "NASA's Ames Research Center in Moffett Field, Calif., hosts a
closed-door, high-level workshop on the global haze proposal and
other “geoengineering” ideas for fending off climate change."

Guess who is invited:

Nobel Prize-winner chemist Paul Crutzen thinks
"Artificial injections of sulfur into the stratosphere would cool Earth"


Gregory Benford, a science fiction novel fan since nine or eight and now author of several science fiction novels, says that he would rather be a novelist than a scientist. Currently a Physics Professor at University of California, Irvine, he "advises NASA on national space policy". In a recent report, A STEP TOWARD SAVING OUR ARCTIC, he wants to "deploy (tiny particles less than one micron) by airplane" to create a "Particulate Shield".November 23, 2006

We have a science fiction novelist advising NASA and getting paid with our tax dollars to write papers on how and why we should have a "Particulate Shield" over planet Earth?!! We are paying some strange people to advise NASA on some insane projects… like "Particulate Shield", aerosol operations, weather modification, geo-engineering, ionosphere heaters etc… all sometimes referred to as chemtrails. November 23, 2006


White House Tightens Publishing Rules for USGS Scientists
“I feel as though we've got someone looking over our shoulder at every damn thing we do. And to me that's a very scary thing. I worry that it borders on censorship,'' said Jim Estes, an internationally recognized marine biologist who works for the geological unit ...for more than 30 years. “But to me it feels like they're doing this to keep us under their thumbs. It seems like they're afraid of science. Our findings could be embarrassing to the administration.''
By John Heilprin Associated Press (Source)
December 30 , 2006





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