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As head of the Armed Services oversight committee, Congressman Dennis Kucinich is acquainted with chemtrail projects. He introduced the Space Preservation Act 2001 to prohibit certain "space-based weapons" of the United States, including chemtrails. In Sec.7(2)(B)(ii) of the bill, it states "The terms `weapon' and `weapons system' mean a device capable of any of the following…" and "Such terms include exotic weapons systems such as…chemtrails".

Unfortunately, the bill was rejected as is and was extremely watered down into
the Space Preservation Act 2002 in which the term "chemtrails" was
completely removed from the text, along with other important language,
so as to allow the chemical spraying to continue.

Read more on this... 1, 2, 3


Policy Implications of Greenhouse Warming:
Mitigation, Adaptation, and the Science Base

This is a massive research study from 1992 and sponsored by the
National Academy of Sciences, National Academy of Engineering, and
Institute of Medicine. This study was approved and funded by congess and
is the textbook on greenhouse gasses, global warming, policy decisions, and mitigation. Several of the suggestions for mitigation are under "Sunlight Screening" and include "Low Stratospheric Dust" ("Use aircraft to maintain a cloud of
dust in the low stratosphere to reflect sunlight
"), "Low Stratospheric
", and "Cloud Stimulation". Along with these is an "Ocean Biomass
Stimulation" suggestion to "place iron in the oceans to stimulate generation
of CO2-absorbing phytoplankton

By looking at CNN's January 23, 2001 report
on Moss Landing Marine Laboratories and Greensea Venture Inc. dumping iron into the ocean, one can see that these are not just 'theories' that are taken lightly. Some of these theories are in actual practice, including the sunscreen concept.
But the sunscreen theory is absolutely foolish and riddled with contradictions. Particles in the air actually keep heat trapped close to the planet and therefore increase the earth's temperatures. If they really cared about global warming, why are they systematically relaxing clean air regulations and standards? If they are in fact spraying to create a sunscreen, don't be fooled for a second into thinking that it's for our own good. Common sense says that nothing could be further from the truth. These spray operations are a crime and a danger to every living creature.


In 1976 the UN Convention on the Prohibition of Military or any Other Hostile
Use of Environmental Modification Techniques -
ENMOD Treaty


The Chemtrail Smoking Gun
Proof of global atmospheric geoengineering

Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather in 2025
An Air Force research paper in which the goal is for US aerospace forces to
"own the weather" by 2025 for military purposes. They even state that "one major
advantage of using simulated weather to achieve a desired effect is that unlike
other approaches, it makes what are otherwise the results of deliberate actions
appear to be the consequences of natural weather phenomena. In addition, it is potentially relatively inexpensive to do.
Read summary

Global Warming and Ice Ages
"Prospects for Physics-Based Modulation of Global Change" by Edward Teller.
This is a report sponsored by the United States Government in which it is
discussed how it would be cheaper to slow global warming by creating a
suncreen through "stratospheric deployment of oxide particulates" than to
actually slow down greenhouse gases connected with fossil- fired energy
production. I guess money's more important than the public's health or safety.

Now our school children are even being taught about the
aerial 'sunscreen' concept!

In the Level 1 Science book, "Essential Interactions" by Centre Point Learning, Inc.,
a photo of a jet is titled "Particle Air" and is followed with: "Could we deliberately
add patrticles to the atmosphere? Jet engines running on richer fuel would add particles to the atmosphere to create a sunscreen
". This is in the section titled "Solutions for Global Warming". The textbook also shows a helicopter dumping
iron into the ocean to stimulate growth of carbon-dioxide eating phytoplankton,
which we know is also already being done (see "Policy Implications of Greenhouse Warming" link above). Our children are taught this in our schools yet adults are still
in denial and being told that no such concept or practice exists. Ironically, your child
may know more about chemtrails than you do.
A concerned parents writes about the expierence of finding out what their
child is learning at school.

"...Small particles released during a military exercise."
The following notice was posted on a Santa Cruz weather website on April 16, 2004.
It doesn't get much more blatant than this. Here we are being directly informed that they are spraying "small particles" over populated areas and yet we are being told this in a manner as if it were just as natural of an occurance as the falling rain itself.

The Methodic Demise of Natural Earth
-Dr. R. Michael Castle, edited 2007

Two Patents filed and issued
for "atmospheric spraying with aluminum oxide"
and for "light scattering pigment powder particles" which are
"dispensed from a jet mill deagglomerator"

List Of Patents
They have to patent the devices used to conduct the chemtrail activity.
Here is a partial list of such patents with the dates included.

Weather Modification by Carbon Dust Absorption of Solar Energy (pdf)
Journal of Applied Meteorology: Vol. 15, No. 4, pp. 355–386. 1974 (source)

A History of Secret Human Experimentation
Using the public as guinea pigs for experiments is
nothing new. It will only be a matter of time before the current
Chemtrail operations are exposed and added to this long list.

North American Weather Consultants Inc.

This company is actually up for hire to modify the
weather and do "cloud seeding". This is crazy!

Weather Modification, Inc.

Another company for hire to modify the weather


The same company that brings you Dyn-O-Storm.
"Applications: As a powder, utilizing planes & moisture clouds.
As a pre-mixed liquid, utilizing planes tankers & backpacks."
They say it's non-toxic and poses no health risks, however they will not state
what is in their mixture. Humm...

PATENT US3813875:


Chemtrails hit major news publications of MSNBC and Reuters.
Slanted of course, they will spray you for your own good and to save the planet.

Tom Wigley says "the most sensible way to get sulfur dioxide into the stratosphere
would be to send numerous planes
— more than the world’s current
commercial airline fleet — to take it there....Another method to get these aerosols
into the air is the possible addition of sulfur compounds to airplane fuel"
By Deborah Zabarenko reporting for MSNBC and Reuters, Sept 14, 2006

"Creating fake volcanic eruptions could help combat global warming,
according to a new U.S. study."
- Sydney, Australia September 19, 2006 By Erica Harrison (source)
September 20, 2006

"Two-pronged approach to stabilizing global warming, with cuts in greenhouse gas emissions combined with the release of heat-reflecting particles into the atmosphere."
By Rocky Mountain News September 14, 2006(source)

Rutgers University climate scientist Alan Robock worries that an aerosol operation
could mean "we wouldn't have blue skies anymore,"

Ivan Amato September 18, 2006 Chemical & Engineering News (source)
Tom Wigley
"The most sensible way to get sulfur dioxide into the stratosphere would be to send numerous planes... to take it there"
Weather Modification at its worst! Check out his resume.


"It would take about 5.3 billion kg of sulfur introduced into the stratosphere per year to compensate for a doubling of atmospheric carbon dioxide levels, Crutzen says."
Nobel Prize-winner chemist Paul Crutzen
"Artificial injections of sulfur into the stratosphere would cool Earth, suggests scientist."
September 18, 2006 Chemical & Engineering News (source)


Nov 17-19, 2006 "NASA's Ames Research Center in Moffett Field, Calif., hosts a
closed-door, high-level workshop on the global haze proposal and
other “geoengineering” ideas for fending off climate change."

Guess who is invited, Paul Crutzen,
Nobel Prize-winner

Nobel Prize-winner chemist Paul Crutzen thinks
"Artificial injections of sulfur into the stratosphere would cool Earth"

There are so many main stream news articles at this link provided by The National
Center for Atmospheric Research and the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research. Please explore. (backup)

"The commission's request has forced Aquiess principal David Miles to put all
`weather modification activities' on standby while he focuses on gathering the necessary documentation, supporting files and archived materials."
"Senior department climate-risk researchers have slammed the company
for promoting its rain-boosting resonance technology ."

-Jessica Harris Friday, 15 September 2006 Wimmera news in Canada (source)


Colorado's Weather Modification Permit Program
Just another example that gives credit to the existence of
weather modification programs that are operating around
us without the knowledge of the mass public. (source)

The Kansas Water Office "administrates the provisions of
the Kansas Weather Modification Act which authorizes it to
license and issue permits for the cloud seeding program"
But voters in Thomas County say they have had enough
and "rejected the Kansas Weather Modification Program
(1,353-759) in a nonbinding referendum"
. (source)(source)

SOURCECORP(R) Awarded Five Year $31 Million Contract
From the NOAA National Climatic Data Center
-making friends? (source)

Keep in mind that they're not going to come right out and tell us that we are being
sprayed with chemtrails. However, the dots are easy enough to connect from the
information that's available and the patterns in our skies speak clearly for themselves.
It's happening! It's real! And they have no intention of stopping.
The debate should no
longer be if these spray operations are happening or not. The debate should now
be about the health consequences. We need to get involved and speak out now!!

"Why Pesticide Spraying for West Nile Virus in California
May Cause More Harm Than Good"

"A Nobel Prize-winning scientist has drawn up an emergency plan to save
the world from global warming, by altering the chemical makeup
of Earth's upper atmosphere
." - By Steve Connor, Science Editor
September 12, 2006


North American Interstate Weather Modification Council -NAIWMC
12 current weather modification programs by NAIWMC

"In the U.S. there were 53 reported weather-modification projects
last year with a combined price of more than $5 million"
July 12, 2006

The Brave New World of Scalar Electromagnetics
by Bill Morgan -full article

Imagine planes spraying micorobots that could be inhaled and controlled from a
remote location. "Smart Dust project is to build a self-contained, millimeter-scale
sensing and communication platform for a massively distributed sensor network.
This device will be around the size of a grain of sand..." "While each robot will
control its own activity, the power will come from deploying them in swarms" (source)
Want to inhale some Smart Dust?
click here to read more

I am not the crazy one I did not create this I just report it!


(we rarely divert from chemtrails related issues but this we had to report this because it does relate)
Assembly Bill 9775 From New York. The NAIS (National Animal Identification System) will require every animal to be electronically marked by the government and you will have to report all movements.
Humm smart dust could do that too, track & trace, once it is inhaled. (source)
( Microchip the jewel in the crown.)
Stop Animal ID microchipping because we are next.


"A top scientist gave a speech to the Texas Academy of Science last month
in which he advocated the need to exterminate 90% of the population through
the airborne ebola virus."
-Paul Joseph Watson & Alex Jones/Prison Planet.com | April 3 2006 (source)


The new 747 Supertanker is capable of "weather modification". 747 Supertanker ON TOUR
coming to a city near you- I am serious! (source)


"It is an electromagnetic pulse bomb, also known as EMP" (source)


Former Naval Physicist: Government Can Control Hurricanes


Climate of learning or BRAIN WASHING?
The United States nation wide brain washing project to lie
to our childern in the name of sicence.


By Rosalind Peterson
, a certified U.S.D.A.
Farm Service Agency Crop Loss Adjustor


" Dr Deon Terblanche of the SA Weather Service have won first
in a special international weather modification
award for their innovative cloud-seeding project"
-SouthAfrica.info reporter (source)


Air Pollution: An Insidious and Pervasive Component of Cardiac Risk
Circulation. 2002;106:890.) © 2002 American Heart Association, Inc. (source)

Pollution Drying Up Rainfall
"New satellite data shows tiny airborne particles
are changing rainfall patterns around the world"(source)


25-Jan-2006 -NASA presents at American Meteorological Society
annual meeting that aerosols are " favorable " (source)

"The average adult breathes more than 3000 gallons of air every day,
and small particles in the air, aerosols, can affect our health and well-being.
"...- Well then stop spraying them, mate!

"Top NASA Scientist Says He's Being Silenced ..."
- ABC News (source)


Click Here to listen to Professor James McCanney
M.S. talk about the February 2005 rain storms in California. McCanney is a
physicist and was a faculty member of the Physics and Mathematics
departments of Cornell University, Ithaca, N.Y. He has worked with the Los
Alamos National Laboratories and American Geophysical Union.


The Aerosol Society- a group that advocates spraying chemicals
in our air. Do you think they know they are violating a United Nation


S517 "does not include agriculture or public oversight, is on the
“fast track” to be passed early in 2006"
-Wednesday, January 18, 2006 - FreeMarketNews.com (source)


When students in Linda Bryson's fifth-grade class at Laurelton-Pardee
Intermediate School study the weather for NASA this is what they are learning:
"When a jet plane flies by, it leaves a misty cloud in its path,"
said Devin Sullivan, 11. "A contrail is a big long strip of cloud."


Public input sought on cloud-seeding study
Medicine Bow officials plan to accept comment until mid-February 2006
-By Associated Press (source)

"Man-Made Katrina"
-by Doug Yurchey (source)

Weather Modification Law in the USA
by Ronald B. Standler

Global Environmental Forces

Chapter 558 — Weather Modification 2005 EDITION
Legislative Counsel Committee of the Oregon Legislative Assembly (source)

The Convention on the Prohibition of Military or any Other Hostile Use of
Environmental Modification Techniques (ENMOD Convention) seeks to prohibit
acts such as weather modification and harmful flood creation.
-Extracts from the United Nations World Water Development Report 2, 2006


"During the first phase of the JET effort, Raytheon
whose connection to HAARP-alaska runs deep] was one of two companies
awarded a contract to deliver a candidate weather weapon system"
Blackanthem Military News, (backup)

2007 PRO SPRAY Conference (backup)


"There's no place in an urban environment that you can go to right
now that you're not being looked at with a video camera and
you have nothing to fear from your own government"

-Commander Heal of the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department (LASD)
Commander Heal made the above comment when talking about the new use of drone aircraft
that have "different cameras - colour, low light and even infra-red It has different cameras -
colour, low light and even infra-red - and so as a result of that we can even find heat signatures that are coming through the bushes and overhead
" (source)
Planes can do so many things humm.
Now do you feel safer?- NO!
Lets see what else can drone aircraft do. __backup June 8, 2006


"chemical application, and even weather modification"

United Nations Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space (COPUOS)
to Hold 49th Session in Vienna -June 6- 17, 2006
This years focus is "To Discuss Use of Satellite Technology to Protect Water Resources
and Forests, and Coordination of International Cooperation in Space-Based Disaster Management"
- (source)
I wonder if they will be talking about the effects of their international aerosol program
or HAARP technology on our vanishing water and forests? June 8, 2006


Prediction or Warning about the 2006 Hurricane Season
"May 22, 2006 — NOAA today announced to America and its neighbors throughout the north Atlantic region that a very active hurricane season is looming, and encouraged individuals to make preparations to better protect their lives and livelihoods."
---(source) June 14, 2006


"NOAA’s 2006 Atlantic hurricane season outlook indicates an 80% chance of an above-normal hurricane season, a 15% chance of a near-normal season, and only a 5% chance of a below-normal season." --(source) June 14, 2006


Remember that heating of the ocean's temperature can escalate a hurricane and ionosphere heaters like Haarp can easily heat the ocean's temperature.
June 14, 2006


Who profits by modifying the weather?
If you think about the annual amount spent on weather mod by the state -
$120,000 - for every one dollar we spend there is a $5 savings to the insurance companies.
" (source)
June 14, 2006


Spirit AeroSystems, buys BAE (HAARP) (source) July 2, 2006

"In the U.S. there were 53 reported weather-modification projects
last year with a combined price of more than $5 million"
July 12, 2006

U.S. Air Force Linked to Electronic Warfare Attack in Tennessee
By Alfred Webre, EcoNews Service (Vancouver, BC) (source)
July 27, 2006


Weather Russians Russia diverted Chernobyl Rain
by -Justin Sparks, The Sunday Times, Aug 8, 2004

'Radiation Belt Remediation' Plan
"We've calculated that Earth's upper atmosphere would be
dramatically affected by such a system"

The ARRL Letter Vol. 25, No. 33 August 18, 2006 (Source: )


Fer De Lance: A Briefing on Soviet Scalar Electromagnetic
by T. E. Bearden


"Last May, a family in Iowa contacted the office of Sen. Tom Harkin (D-IA) to report the constant criss-crossing of "chemtrails" in the sky above their neighborhood.
They received back from the senator's office a General Accounting Office (GAO)
report on "military chaff" and the material safety data sheet for aluminum-coated
fiberglass fibers being spread-seven days a week for several hours each day-in
the skies above their home.
-The Idaho Observer (source)

"U.S. Satellite Protection Scheme Could Affect Global Communications"
-Science Daily August 14, 2006 (source)


"Simulations of ELF radiation generated by heating the high-latitude D"
Office of Naval Research (source)

"The Unholy HAARP Doomsday Array" by Mark Lowenthal September 13, 2006

"Non Leathal Warfare Proposal: Weather Modification"
-China Lake Weapon Labs, CA

Weather Modification by Carbon Dust Absorption of Solar Energy (pdf)
Journal of Applied Meteorology: Vol. 15, No. 4, pp. 355–386. 1974
(source)September 13, 2006


NASA Awards $16M Liquid Nitrogen Contact (source)
What are they going to do with all that liquid nitrogen?
Liquid Nitrogen has long been used for weather modification attempts.


Geoengineering Vision-Application for Space Solar Power
"Geoengineering is defined as the use of technology to interact with the global environment. A Solar Power Satellite represents a capability for considering geoengineering concepts. The Thunderstorm Solar Power Satellite (TSPS) is a concept for interacting with thunderstorms to prevent formation of tornadoes."



More on Eastlund - HAARP Inventor

(source) Sept 2006


Garry Voss writes on Z Enegery October 2006

Carbon Sequestration in the Oceans
aka Dumping shit into our oceans. (source)November 10 , 2006

"Non-energy strategies, such as forest and soil carbon sequestration, mitigation and geo-engineering. “We have current technologies that can do all this,” said Greenblatt.
Ropin' the Wind, By BRODIE FARQUHAR Star-Tribune (source)
November 10 , 2006

Man May Have To Dirty Skies To Shield Against Warming
"This weekend, NASA's Ames Research Center in Moffett Field, Calif., hosts a
closed-door, high-level workshop on the global haze proposal and other “geoengineering” ideas for fending off climate change.
By AP Correspondent, Charles Hanley November 17, 2006 (source)

Weird Science Getting New Respect
"Some scientists suggest turning the earth's blue skies a yellowish grey by
injecting sulphur dioxide into the atmosphere with a vast fleet of planes."
"Another idea being seriously debated among scientists is to send a fleet of
ships into the world's oceans to sow the waves with iron particles. "

By BILL BLAKEMORE for ABC News November 17, 2006 (source)

Gregory Benford, a science fiction novel fan since nine or eight and now author of several science fiction novels, says that he would rather be a novelist than a scientist. Currently a Physics Professor at University of California, Irvine, he "advises NASA on national space policy". In a recent report, A STEP TOWARD SAVING OUR ARCTIC, he wants to "deploy (tiny particles less than one micron) by airplane" to create a "Particulate Shield".November 23, 2006

We have a science fiction novelist advising NASA and getting paid with our tax dollars to write papers on how and why we should have a "Particulate Shield" over planet Earth?!! We are paying some strange people to advise NASA on some insane projects… like "Particulate Shield", aerosol operations, weather modification, geo-engineering, ionosphere heaters etc… all sometimes referred to as chemtrails. November 23, 2006

White House Tightens Publishing Rules for USGS Scientists
“I feel as though we've got someone looking over our shoulder at every damn thing we do. And to me that's a very scary thing. I worry that it borders on censorship,'' said Jim Estes, an internationally recognized marine biologist who works for the geological unit ...for more than 30 years. “But to me it feels like they're doing this to keep us under their thumbs. It seems like they're afraid of science. Our findings could be embarrassing to the administration.''
By John Heilprin Associated Press (Source)
December 30 , 2006

--------------------------KATRINA 2005 REPORTS-----------------------------

August 30, 2006

"it's as if the entire Gulf Coast were obliterated by a --
the worst kind of weapon you can imagine."

-G.W. Bush said. September 2, 2005 after viewing the effects of Katrina (scorce)

"I suspect most of our storms from now on will have appreciable
weather engineering added, to cause more damage."

-Tom Bearden

Katrina: Force of nature or WMD? Pocatello weatherman wants to know
-By Mary Grossman; Planet Jackson Hole (scorce)

"I am completely convinced that Katrina was a engineered storm."

Hurricane Katrina: FOR OIL?
-by Sherman H. Skolnick

UN-banned weapon system can trigger hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis
- bellaciao.org

Weather Warfare: Was Katrina A Man-Made Hurricane?

Hurricane a Crisis Reaction Solution game
Crisis= Hurricane
Reaction = we must do something
Solution = Weather Modification - you ask for it, Senate Bill 517

Ben Livingston: Cloud physicist has eye on hurricane control


Katrina- weather modification at its worst.
By Scott Stevens, Meterologist
PLEASE LOOK at the rest of these satellite photos of Katrina as it hits.


Ben Livingston: Cloud physicist has eye on hurricane control

Weather Warfare: Was Katrina A Man-Made Hurricane?


UN-banned weapon system can trigger hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis
- bellaciao.org

Hurricane Katrina: FOR OIL?
-by Sherman H. Skolnick


-------------------------KATRINA 2005 REPORTS END----------------


The Science of Air Pharmacology or Chemtrails
by Jim Phelps


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